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If your company is looking at brand expansion, then surely multilingual subtitling is on your company’s task sheet!

Why, you ask? Because subtitling is an effective tool to increase your brand visibility. Further, by translating your message into many languages, you are reaching out to your target markets and generating worldwide interest in your product. Multilingual subtitling also gives the customers a feeling of importance-you value them so that is why you make the effort. Communicating the intended message in the local languages effectively will surely increase your visibility online.

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Subtitles are most commonly used in films and television and their popularity is now spreading to internet videos and You Tube channels. Typically displayed in one or two lines of text, subtitles are a condensed version of what is being said on screen. Good subtitles should be comfortable to read and understand, ideally while being able to see the visuals on the screen.

Break down the language barriers

Did you know that only 6% of the world’s population speak English as a first language and 75% of the world’s population don’t speak any English? So if it’s a movie, web series, or documentary to be viewed on your platform, the easy and efficient solution is multilingual subtitling which will reach out to global audiences. The benefits of multilingual subtitling are that they are of great help to people who do not know the language. It is also useful for people who are hard of hearing-don’t increase the volume button, turn on subtitles instead!

It's Easy for Us at Word Easy

We understand your needs and requirements. Our linguists and translators will get into the skin of the characters to effectively communicate across languages. Our state-of-the-art subtitling software pays attention to the minutest detail while subtitling. Whatever the genre of your film or series, Word Easy specialists will produce optimum subtitles which are effective and suitable for screening. Your wait for a one-stop subtitling shop is over.

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The E-learning market has seen rapid growth, especially after the pandemic. Most organizations now prefer E-learning platforms to provide access to courses and training for their employees. E-learning courses are easy to access and can be used to gain new skills and expertise.

Multiple Content in Multiple Languages

Making your content available in multiple languages is a smart call. This attracts new customers from across the globe and your content becomes accessible to a broader, multinational audience. Multilingual subtitling is your aid and tool to effectively provide content in different languages. Using multilingual subtitles for your content will surely increase your online video viewing. Multilingual subtitles ensure that your E-learning courses are accessible to anyone. Investing in multilingual subtitles can be beneficial to your learners, leading to greater customer satisfaction and boosting your content engagement.

We have the Solution

Word Easy linguists and translation specialists will take your E-learning content and provide accurate subtitles in the languages you want. We will provide you with translation services for all of your multilingual projects. Our specialists use high-quality subtitling software which can support almost all file formats. You can select from a wide range of multilingual subtitling for E-learning materials, training videos, learning management systems, workshops, instructor-led training materials and even classroom-based training.