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We at Word Easy Technologies provide you with professional localization to translate your important communication material into different native and international languages.

Being experts in multilingual communication, we provide translations for individuals, companies and organizations in various domains like software, production, medical, banking, automotive and many more.

Word Easy Technologies prides itself on quality checks conducted at almost each step of the translation process to ensure error-free services.

Wondering where to start?
Take a look at what we offer:

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Up The Game

Gain an edge in your business by providing translated documents to your clients in their native language. Not only will you get a strong advantage over competitors, your client will also appreciate the extra efforts made by you.


Word Easy Technologies provides multilingual translation services for all your document translation needs. Localization IS our specialization. Our vast experience in translation of a wide range of content types makes us a much sought-after translation agency. Be it contracts, handbooks, brochures, reports or flyers-whatever the document is, we will take care of the translation-in a minimum turnaround time. We have the largest pool of translators among all translation agencies in India-so that makes it easier for us to cater to your needs. If you are an Indian or International organization interested in expanding your reach in business, reach out to us for all your national and international translation needs. Our empaneled multilingual translators guarantee timely and reasonably priced deliveries, not to forget quality translation. 

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Get Technical

Manuals often contain technical information and jargon relevant to a specific industry. It is important that accurate communication of technical information is relayed while translating this communication.  A miss here or there on translation can take away the real meaning of the sentence, especially in a user manual.

Worry Not!

We at Word Easy ensure our translators are well versed and have complete knowledge of the subject they are working on. Our user manual translation services are available for various instruction materials covering various domains. We are here to help your company deliver accurate and timely technical information across languages. Our trained linguists use modern language technologies to deliver accurate user manuals, whatever the industry field is. Once we get the manual for translation, in our typical Word Easy style, we first review the document and once all doubts are clarified by the client, it is only then that we proceed towards the translation, revision, and proofreading phases.

So, if the user manual for your product is in French and you want to market the product in Malaysia, our experts, using localization best practices, will translate the user manual from French to Malay, ensuring there are no gaps, especially while using technical jargon.

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Increase online conversations

Website Localization is the process of the adaptation of a website to meet the requirements of a particular language, culture or desired population, thereby developing the content by aligning it with the local culture. Localization takes into consideration the linguistic, cultural and technical differences without modifying the original intent of the source text. That means when you view localized content, it feels like it was originally written in the adapted language.

Improve User experiences

When undertaking website localization projects, we at Word Easy ensure that the translation process is aligned with local cultural sensitivities. The tone has to be just right and we avoid using phrases that will not translate well. All these details result in a website available to thousands of potential new customers-what every business wants for its growth.

Our specialized website localization technology, combined with our integrated localization tools makes it easier for us to create, launch and manage websites, providing you with seamless delivery.

So take this opportunity to expand your reach, reduce your risks, increase your global sales and establish credibility.

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Why E-learning?

The scope of communication has expanded vastly, especially during the COVID phases. ‘Work must go on’ has been the mantra and organizations have found effective means to continue with their tasks. These have been in the form of virtual meetings, training videos, online modules-all practiced remotely. Whatever the content, it has to be well-produced and engaging in order to be effective. Companies have to be mindful of engaging a remote workforce, documenting, customizing learning and development and simultaneously maintaining a consistent professional tone to increase engagement and retention.  This is where E-learning localization steps in-content for the workforce in their native languages!

Circulate your material

E-learning or electronic learning is the delivery of educational and training materials via digital resources. It is a cost- and time-effective way for businesses of all sizes to train their employees and educate their customers. In today’s global digital age, it is essential that your company’s policies and learning material are made relevant for all, no matter where they live and which language they speak. Moreover, if your company has a global customer base, it is all the more essential to apply E-Learning localization to your content. We at Word Easy understand that your content is valuable and we will help you make it accessible to all, across the globe. Our experts carefully craft the E-learning content so that the same high-quality of training is circulated amongst all employees, without compromising on the standards. We provide you with the perfect combination of high-quality linguists, localization engineers, multimedia designers to ensure that your E-learning course stays on its course to meet its learning objectives!

Think Global, Act Local

Research shows people learn things faster in their native language than through translated content. Localizing E-learning content means it is translated into the native language; it also means the customization of key elements like measurement units, currency, symbols, images, pictures,  fonts, idioms, acronyms, graphical user interface (GUI), and other details like date formats, etc.  Tones are equally important as some Western countries prefer a friendly and chatty tone for their content while some countries in the Far East prefer a more formal tone. Simultaneously, it should be kept in mind that the content should be engaging and of interest to the recipient.  The purpose of eLearning localization is to deliver the exact meaning as the source course, with the correct emotion, in a specific cultural context.

Word Easy provides a host of multimedia localization services that include voiceovers, dubbing, subtitling, graphics, animation, video editing – all these services under one platform so that the content of your E-learning material is never compromised! Moreover, while localizing e-learning content, we also localize user experience elements and performance support tools like mobile apps, eBooks, and videos.

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The hard & soft of it

The process of adapting software to the culture and language of the end-user is known as software localization. This involves not only translation but also design, codes, actionable elements and even fonts. Simple word-to-word translations can leave you with text and/or instructions that may not be clear. Software localization takes into account all the underlying factors that are required to make technology work the way you want it to.

According to studies, the decision to buy a product is more emotional than rational. If your software is in the user’s native language, chances are that the user will associate more with it and is more likely to purchase it.

For software developers, globalization has become an unlimited market for new programs or applications. However, in order to expand their reach, they have to customize their products to fit every end-user’s preference. Without software localization, the developers stand a chance of failing to make an impact on international users.

The Experience is important

User experience (UX) or design is one of the key elements of software localization. Our proficient designers will adapt the user interface of your software products in preferred languages, keeping an eye out for any elements in the design that could have a negative impact on the user experience like font size, text length etc. Prior to beginning the software localization process, our team researches for visual preferences in a specific market and only then it is implemented into the user interface. Multilingual UX design also includes adapting images that the target audience may be concerned with. Cultural sensitivity checks are also done to avoid topics that could bring about negative reactions in the target market.

When the software localization workflow is streamlined and under a single platform, it is easier for companies to eliminate bottlenecks and significantly speed up software releases in all languages at the same time. This will undoubtedly be reflected in increased revenue and cost savings.

So now that you know how important software localization is to increase your appeal in new markets, attract new users and expand globally—don’t wait,

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If you are an ardent gamer, then you will agree that dialogues and sound effects are very important for user experience. If Mario Bros spoke in Italian after every fall, it would be frustrating to not know what they were saying!

The Game Changer

Picture this. Your game source is Japanese. You get a translated version in your preferred language. Even if the mechanics of the game are functioning well, if the dialogue translation is poor, it hits your overall gaming experience. This is why game localization is important.

Nowadays, gaming is enjoyed across the world by players of all ages. It has become a global experience and localizing local games means opening the door for thousands of players. Localization of games is making the games culturally relevant. For developers who launch new games, you must ensure that gamers around the world have access to the amazing experience your product promises.

Playing it safe

Our experts understand the gaming techniques and the various cultural differences. They understand it is important to preserve the tone, style and user experience the game offers. Keeping this in mind, the translation process includes user interface information, dialogues, in-game announcements, instructions and sometimes even subtitles where required. Our engineers understand that none of the above factors should be the reason to break the gamer’s concentration. That is why our gaming localization team looks at every detail while on the job.

Successful localization can connect your game with a large proportion of the world’s 2.5 billion gamers. Ready to Play?