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“Go ahead, make my day”

This catchphrase from the 1983 film Sudden Impact by Clint Eastwood became very popular. However, when it was dubbed in Italian, the literal Italian interpretation became “Go ahead, make me happy”. Result: Forget Sudden, there was No Impact!

Word Easy provides you solutions for all your voiceover requirements so that there is full-on impact! Our pool of multilingual voiceover artistes will ensure that your content will be dubbed in the right regional dialect, accent, gender and style to fit your project -reaching out to audiences across the globe.

See what services we have to offer,
and well, make our day!

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Even more challenging is to market your content to a global audience, without diluting your content. This is where dubbing steps in and this is where Word Easy also steps in!

Nothing Foreign About It

With the launch of the OTT platform over the past few years, film and web series consumption is growing at a rapid pace. Audiences are now open to watching foreign films and web series, preferably in their choice of language. Localization of content in a particular language for a particular region is an important and viable decision for entertainment companies. This is the reason why global hits -- films and web series like Money Heist– are now being dubbed in multiple languages to reach out to a broader audience.

Dubbing it Right

Word Easy provides dubbing services for films, documentaries, commercials, TV shows, webcasts, games, and all other video and audio content in multiple languages. Our expert linguists will localize and deliver your content exclusively customized for your audience’s language or accent. Our team has years of experience working with the best multilingual voice talents to deliver high-quality audio and video voice over and dubbing for a growing variety of industries.

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With E-learning on the rise across most spaces, E learning video content has become very popular.

Value Add Factor

Attaching a voice-over to your e-Learning and training course helps add value to your product, attract more audience, boost profit and help the learners to master new knowledge quickly and maximize engagement. Effective voice-overs are engaging and immersive to listen to, and thus are designed to grab your audience’s attention and keep them interested in what you have to say and offer.

Communicate Well, Communicate Right

Word Easy provides quick, efficient and affordable voice-over services for all your E-learning and training needs. Our team understands the functionality of their role and gets the accurate tone, accent and significance of the message in the language you want. Whether your E-learning modules are for schools, professional courses or corporates, we provide the right form of audio to your E-learning modules-with accurate fluency and language flow. Our studios boast of the latest recording equipment, and acoustics and our team of skilled technicians are there to ensure a flawless audio/video recording of your content.

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Need to create an animated explainer video on your website to educate your target audience on your products? Or just need a content promotion in several languages to explain to your audience what exactly your company does?

Video is the Name of the Game

Whatever the requirement, we at Word Easy are there to fulfil it. Video advertising has become extremely popular in the content space. Word Easy understands your needs. We will do multilingual promotions for your products through localization. We will take your content, and adapt it to suit the particular country’s cultural characteristics and the nature of its market. We can help you spotlight your brand’s story with high-quality video ads in multiple languages. If it is video games you develop, our qualified video game voiceover specialists will add their expertise to the characters in the game, making the experience special for the viewer. So if its dialogues, narrative voice or a combination of both, our professional voiceover artists have it covered for you. Reach out to us and our team will guide you through the process.

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The Art of Listening

Audiobooks or voice-narrated recordings of books can either be exact versions of books or abridged versions. The advantage of audiobooks is that you can listen in even if you are on the move.

If you are looking to localize your audiobook to reach a global audience, search no more.

Hear Hear!

Word Easy is here to provide you with professional, experienced narrators for your audiobooks in any language you want. We make your needs and goals our top priority and deliver accurate translation services to you. Our audiobook dubbing team will take your written content and narrate your story with articulation, consistency and characterization. Our narrators will captivate your listeners in any language, accent or style that you want. Our language experts and voiceover artists will ensure the character of your content is not diluted.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) messages are pre-recorded messages that greet your customers, providing them with information about your business. Your IVR message is in place on your toll-free number. All good so far. What if you want to relay the IVR message (originally in English) to customers in Japan?

Evidence suggests that local accents can improve audience reception as compared to standardized accents.

Have No fear, Word Easy is Here

‘Press 1 for Word Easy support’! We are here to provide you with professionally recorded IVR voice messages to improve your customer’s phone, web and in-store experience. Our IVR team offers IVR recordings in multiple national and international languages across several platforms. Whatever be your message-prompts, on-hold message, video viewing-we will greet your customer in the language and style that you want it to be. We offer voice recordings for Call Centers, auto attendants, outbound dialing and even on-hold messaging.

Reach out to us today to get your IVR recordings expressive and attention capturing-in the Word Easy way!